Seeking Inspiration

I recently wrote a blog post about prompt writing, and I’d love some prompts from readers. Got an idea for something you think might spark a story? Want me to write about a blue pair of shoes on the side of the road? Got a fascinating photo you think might make an interesting prompt, send it my way (Appropriate images only, please).

What the heck is a prompt, you might ask?

Writing prompts come in many forms. Short phrases, objects, scenarios or photos can be used. They are meant to spark your imagination and inspire you. You can incorporate them into a story, poem, essay, or in some cases even a memoir, or you can start from scratch and see where they take you. You can twist and shape your story any which way. You have the freedom to determine what direction you are going to take the prompt. You can take a prompt literally or metaphorically, as well.

If you are a writer, feel free to check out ten prompts and some tips courtesy of yours truly at

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