Painting With Fire Out on Audio!

I’m pleased to announce that the audiobook version of Painting With Fire has launched on Audible, Amazon and iTunes! Yay! I listened to every minute during production, and it was surreal to hear my characters’ voices out loud. They jumped off the page in a cool way. Some of the words felt new to me, and I wrote them! I’m getting old, I guess. Today is my birthday, after all. Listening took me back to Chicago in a strange way. There I was again in Hyde Park, on Chicago’s South Side.

Special thanks to Narrator Cindy Piller and Audiobook Consultant Richard Rieman for working on this edition! Richard has been immensely helpful behind the scenes ensuring the quality of the book and hooking me up with some serious talent--Cindy Piller. Behind the microphone, Cindy has interpreted my characters beautifully. I loved the emotion in her reading. I’m not much of a crier, but I actually cried when one of my characters died when I wrote the book, and it was interesting to have that emotion come back to me again. Cindy’s take on some of the characters gave me the chills. She has a beautiful voice and her take on Tom, the artist in the book, was excellent, even in her audition.

These are not easy characters. This is not an easy story. Fortunately, Cindy has exceeded my expectations. Want a sneak peak at the audiobook? Feel free to check out the retail sample or turn on the volume for the book trailer above. Thanks to professional photographer Samantha Clark for her help on the trailer, as well.

Happy listening!

To find the book on Audible, click here.

To find the book on Amazon, click here.

And don't forget about iTunes, if you prefer that.

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