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I indie-published my books and I don’t regret it. Not one bit. Now, I’m starting on a new publishing adventure: helping other authors publish high-quality, professional-grade books, as a self-publishing consultant with My Word Publishing.

Self-publishing has been wonderful for me. I skipped over the traditional publishers in favor of more lucrative 70 percent ebook royalties, total creative control and other perks. I’ve had Amazon’s marketing tools at my disposal. I chose my own covers and had them designed the way I envisioned. I’ve kept my rights, my royalties and my sanity. I’ve had the freedom to be original, innovative and entrepreneurial. My books have been downloaded and read more times than I can count.

I’ve also made some mistakes along the way. I published before I met the folks at My Word Publishing, and I wish I had had the benefit of their guidance. I had to learn things the hard way. I’ve watched other talented authors make mistakes, too—mistakes that have buried good books and cost their authors a lot of dollars. These are mistakes I’d like to help other writers avoid. I want to help guide other authors through the process so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I want to share the lessons I've learned.

I decided to work with My Word Publishing because I believe in the company’s philosophy of protecting authors, and they have a fantastic, wildly talented team. Working with them, I’ll be able to help guide writers as they bring their books into the world. The authors get to keep their copyrights, royalties and creative control without falling victim to common pitfalls.

If you are interested in professionally self-publishing a book or know anyone who is interested in consulting services for their book, you can email or visit

Of course, I will continue to offer professional editing services, as well, and write my own books – don’t worry. Book number three is a time travel story. It’s top secret for now but I will tell you the title. Wringing Time.

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