Finding Inspiration in Colorado

I’ve been in the Denver area for less than two months, and I’m already impressed by the writer community. It’s already having a positive influence on my work. I’ve said it before – writers should not write in a vacuum. Writing is a lonely art, a solitary business. You need to get out into the world and find inspiration. Sitting in your office, staring at a blank wall isn’t going to cut it, and when it comes to revision, getting feedback is vital. I believe a book is a collaboration between the writer and reader. Without any pulse on a reader’s interpretation, it’s like writing blind.

I’ve been critiquing my upcoming book at a Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers’ critique group where they have been inspiring me to take it up a notch and get stuff done. I went to a lovely poetry reading at In-Tea in Littleton and met a lot of cool poets there and shared some of my own, with shaky hands and all. I’ve attended a Self-publishing Experts of Denver workshop about the ins and outs of indie publishing and met some top-notch publishing professionals. I’ve also gotten some ideas rolling with a Wednesday Write workshop at the Englewood Public Library. My books are for sale at a fantastic local bookstore, Bookbar in Denver, and I may do an event there in the future. The books, the pastries, the chai and the people are all great.

As I writer, I’m in a good place. Now, it’s just a matter of getting the rest of my house and life in order. (We're mostly unpacked.) Here's hoping 2017 brings more great things and great friends.

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