A Thousand Thanks

I’d like to thank everyone who helped play a role in shaping my new book, “A Storm of Stories.” No one writes a book alone.

Many of you have helped with the book, supported me or inspired me in some way. I have been really lucky to have such great friends, family and readers.

First off, thank you, Kartik for all your love and support. You’ve helped me on this journey more than you realize.

And then there are my fantastic writer buddies who have helped with developmental editing and proofreading of the book. I’m fortunate to know many great writers and readers.

Thank you to Matt Yaeger. Matt, you are an inspiration and your guidance and editing have helped so much. Your book, “Bedtime Stories For the Insomniac” still sticks with me years after I read it.

Thank you to Kayla Gordon, a talented writer and friend who took the time to pour over “A Storm of Stories.” I look forward to seeing your books in print.

A big thank you to Jennifer Bisbing, my editor and fellow author. Best of luck with your brilliant new book, "Under the Pines." You make me a better writer.

A huge thank you to the also brilliant Anna Joranger, who also poured through the book chapter by chapter over the course of a year. I look forward to reading the ending of your wonderful book, as well!

Thank you to Clayton Smith for help on “A Storm of Stories.” Your books also make me laugh and are wildly entertaining.

Thank you to Yvonne Jeffries, an early reader and talented writer. I appreciate your advice and the way you challenge me to make my writing even better.

Thank you to M.L. Kennedy for taking the time to read my book and comment on it. Your books and sense of humor are also an inspiration.

Thank you to my early reader and dear friend Jim Sharkey who reminded me that there is a difference between winch and wench when you are writing a sailing story.

Thank you to Radha Panini and Marjorie Marshall for your wonderful friendship and support as early readers.

Thank you to Karen Yaeger for being there for almost three decades. You were a great friend when I was eight and you are a great friend now.

Thank you to my parents and siblings. I wouldn’t be who I am without you.

I could go on and on until I literally hit 1,000 but I'll stop here...

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