Stage Fright, Hope and Excitement: Publication Day for “A Storm of Stories”

The. Book. Is. Out. I have released “A Storm of Stories” into the wild. You can get your hands on the book right now. I am giddy, excited and terrified.

You can find the print version of the book online at

The ebook is available at

What will people think about the book? I know it’s a bad habit, but I read every single review for my first book, “Painting With Fire.” There are people who tell you that you are brilliant. And then there’s that one person out of a hundred positive ones who tells you that you should give up writing all together, that your characters swear too much and you suck. I’m not sure which is worse for a writer when you sit down at the keyboard. But what I do like is honest, heartfelt reviews and to feel like people connect with my writing and stories on a human level. I love it when people “get” my stories. I don't write to be alone.

I am hopeful. I am hopeful that people will understand that I know I’m bending grammar rules to make a more conversational tone in some of the stories shared. I am hopeful that people will buy my book and not steal it. (Long story, sigh.) It would be great if “A Storm of Stories” hits the bestseller list like “Painting With Fire” did in its category.

But most of all, I am hopeful that “A Storm of Stories” will mean something to the people who read it, that it will get them to think or see the world just a little differently.

If the book means something to you, do let me know, and please take a moment to write a review online at Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere. I'll do my best not to read them... Thanks!

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