A Tally of Resolutions: Broken and Kept

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions, but I made several this year. I even wrote a blog post about it but I never posted it. It had two columns; resolutions I knew I’d keep and resolutions I knew I’d break. One of my resolutions was to blog more. You can guess which column that was in… I know myself. Writing and editing my fiction are just a higher priority for me. The reason I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions is because I believe that if you are truly resolved to do something you will do it that instant and stick to it. You won’t wait for a magical date to roll around to get serious.

Another resolution was to cut down on sugar. I did that for a couple months. I’ve gotten used to tea without it. I’ve discovered that I’m less fidgety when I don’t eat sugar. But I also discovered that I’m no match for Girl Scout Cookies, especially when I’m left all alone with one box of each variety.

Yet another resolution was and is to publish book number two in 2015. Now, I’m secretive about book number two. I won’t even tell people the title most of the time, just that it’s a short story collection about love, craziness and impossibility. But I have a good feeling I will keep this resolution. I’m deep in the throes of editing. So that’s good news so far. It was in the right column.

But the No. 1 resolution I made to myself this year was to take more risks in writing and in life. That’s a resolution I plan to keep. So expect a more daring book in 2015 (God willing) and a more daring me. Maybe I’m being a bit mysterious, but so be it.

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