Part 2: Betting on Book Bub - The Verdict

There is something comfortable about obscurity. I must admit that it made my heart pound when more than 43,000 people downloaded “Painting With Fire” on Saturday alone. I was overwhelmed. You see, I didn’t expect that it would work that well. In all, more than 55,000 people downloaded the book over the weekend.

I read on Book Bub’s page that they get an average of 27,000 downloads for free mysteries. My book is only listed on Kindle right now, not any other platforms yet like Apple, Kobo, Smashwords or Nook. So I figured 20,000 or so would download it. I didn’t expect it to make it to become Amazon’s No. 1 free ebook for most of Jan. 10 and 11. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word.

There is something fun about watching your book take the number one free bestseller slot, even if it is for only a day or two. After all, how many free books are out there on a given day? Thousands more than I could ever read.

You may ask me how I did it? I did promote on a few other sites besides Book Bub, including Ereader News Today, which claims 500,000 subscribers. But really it comes down to Book Bub’s more than two million mystery subscribers, a really good cover and reviews from wonderful readers I really appreciate. To everyone who has reviewed “Painting With Fire” a big thank you. As for my 55,000 new readers, thanks and I hope you enjoy the book and review it as well.

In terms of paid sales today, we shall see. “Painting With Fire was ranked at No. 30 in paid best selling crime fiction this morning. It’s fun seeing my book cover next to an Agatha Christie novel. I love Agatha Christie and grew up reading her books.

No.30Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 8.07.29 AM.png

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