Betting on Book Bub's Millions of Readers

“Painting With Fire” is free again on Kindle from Jan. 9 to Jan. 11. This time, I'm advertising on Book Bub to 2,140,000 mystery subscribers. Yes, more than 2 million people will know about my book tomorrow… if they check their email.

If you love to read, is the cat’s meow. What is Book Bub you may ask, and why is it so cool? It is hands down one of the most awesome book discovery sites out there. If you haven’t subscribed to it, you are missing out. It lists deals of some of the best indie and traditionally published ebooks, as well as bestsellers. You choose which categories you like and get free and discounted books delivered to your email daily. I love good books so I love this concept. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time.

One of the neat things about it is it’s highly selective, so the books are worth reading. Getting featured on Book Bub is no easy feat considering they reject about 80 percent of the book titles that are submitted to them. I appreciate all the readers who have given my book such nice reviews and all the media outlets that have written about “Painting With Fire.” Thanks.

As for the results, time will tell. I haven’t had much time to promote my free days otherwise. I’ve got a good excuse. I’ve been gallivanting across southern India and I’m still jetlagged after an unexpected stop in China on the way back. More on that later… I’m going back to sleep.

Oh and to download the book for free Jan. 9 to 11, feel free to visit

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