Overcoming Stage Fright

Ok, so public speaking is generally not my idea of a good time, I admit. But I really enjoyed my book launch party and reading at IPaintMyMind on Sunday. The room was full of friendly faces and it was surprisingly easy to read the passages I chose out loud. It was really nice to have such a supportive crowd and I appreciate everyone who came out.

Beforehand, I was nervous and everyone kept telling me to imagine everyone naked. Why do people say that? It doesn’t really help. In fact, imagining people naked was the last thing on my mind when I was up there reading. I completely forgot about it.

What did help was practicing in advance in front of my husband and a few friends. Slow down! They said in a chorus. While I was practicing, I made the mistake of reading out loud almost as fast as I read in my head – a mile a minute. They told me to pause at the periods and commas, read the dialogue like how people talk, and to remember to breathe. It was obvious advice, but it was helpful. I am not a professional actress after all.

At least I didn’t have to be worried about being loud. For us Jensens, that comes naturally. I can make my voice boom.

Everyone said I nailed it. Maybe they were just being nice. But my sister almost had tears in her eyes because she was so proud. So I must’ve done something right.

I cannot thank people enough for coming out and showing their support. It really meant the world to me.

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