Getting Ready to Celebrate

It’s time to party like it’s 1999, well kind of. My book launch party is this Sunday, June 1 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the IPaintMyMind art gallery in Logan Square. If you are going, please RSVP at

I’m jazzed to say the least. I can’t wait to see Alvin Black’s work, which will be on display. I love art and it’s the perfect setting to celebrate an artistic murder mystery like “Painting With Fire.” Tom, one of my main characters in the book, is an artist.

I’ve always loved art. I credit my Danish grandparents for dragging me to countless art museums and castles. Every inch of their apartment was covered in paintings and I used to spend hours staring at them, visiting them like old friends.

In the book, Tom is horrified to find Claudia living in an apartment with no art whatsoever when he moves in. “Nothing at all on your walls? How can you live like this?” he asks.

“What you’ve got on your walls is important,” he says. “Well, to me, at least, nothing’s more important than the art that speaks to your soul. It’s who you are.”

Maybe Tom’s a bit melodramatic, but what he says is true. The art you love is a reflection of who you are, and there’s something revealing about the art that speaks to you.

Speaking of speaking, I will be reading a passage or two from my novel, as well. I’ve gotten a bit shy in my old age so I’m not much of a public speaker. Everyone keeps telling me to picture everyone naked. At least I’ve got one thing going for me in that arena – I’ve got an imagination.

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