Ack! and Acknowledgements

So after four years of working on “Painting With Fire,” the book is finally out in print and ebook form and I’m wondering if my little gamble will pay off. You may ask me, was it worth it? I may never make millions but I know one thing. It was worth it the moment my husband opened the book and read the dedication page, just for the look on his face. He means that much to me.

Writing a book is a lonely endeavor, a labor of love. But just like raising a child, it takes a village to publish one. I have a whole slew of editors and beta-readers I would like to thank, including: Karen Yaeger, Matt Yaeger, author of the most excellent “Bedtime Stories for the Insomniac,” Radha Panini, Elena Rizzo, Mary Lou Most, Jim Sharkey and Megan Jensen. Without these people, my book would probably be sitting in a drawer collecting dust.

I’d also like to thank my wonderful cover designer, Zoe Shtorm.

In addition, I’d like to give a shout-out to all the great teachers out there. It was my third-grade teacher Mrs. Grein at North Star Elementary School, who encouraged me to start writing fiction. I might still have a copy of her picture floating around somewhere in my old room. “I look forward to reading your first book,” she wrote on the back. I’m sure she has forgotten me by now, but I’d send her one if I had any clue where she was.

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